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Polyphasic sleep postponed

It has been quite a while since I last posted here anything. It is not because I have forgotten it, quite the opposite, but because I was waiting for a wee success to make this otherwise fail post a bit jollier. 

The thing is, my sleep cycle was quite horrendous. I quite often did not have the time after all to have a daytime nap and in the nighttime, even if I did manage to have a nap at, say 11pm and then again at 3am, I nearly never managed to wake up from the latter one, that is in time, of course. I usually woke up after 4-5 hours. And then most of the time when I did have time for my nap, it took me most of the time to fall asleep and then the alarm rang. So, I shall try and do this again as soon as my uni coursework finishes for this year – in 2.5 weeks 🙂

On the bright side, my Zeo arrived! But it has not helped very much with my naps. At least not the waking up part. For analysing- yes, it is good. I see that My naps have been mostly in light sleep or deep sleep – not good. But once I had a nap where I went nearly straight into REM sleep as soon as I fell asleep, amazing! But then I woke up and was too tired, put on another alarm in 30 (-15) minutes and that’s when I went straight into deep sleep. I shall look into how to cut down the amount of deep sleep..

Because I still want to seize the day a bit more than 16 hours per day (and as I want to start going to the gym early in the morning), I am now trying to adjust myself to the ‘early waker’ sleeping pattern. That is, I go to bed when I feel really tired, that is when I physically cannot keep myself awake any longer doing whatever I’m doing, and wake up at a specific time. I have tried to do that for a few days with waking up time being 5.30 or 6 but after the Zeo has sort of woken my up around that time, I smoothly slide off the headband and go back to sleep, waking up 1.5-2 hours later. Because I did not make myself adjust to the polyphasic sleeping pattern enough, my body feels/felt very sleep deprived and tried to make me sleep longer (is evil! :D) whenever I gave it a chance. Luckily I have never slept so long that I’d actually miss anything, eg uni classes or work. 

But, today was my first succesful day in quite a while. I felt exhausted already around 11pm yesterday and set my alarm to 6am. I remember waking up at some point in the night and taking the headband off because it felt so uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the alarm stayed on and instead of looking for a light-sleep gap in my sleep, it just woke me up at 6. I was wondering about how tired I was, but came to a conclusion that I am awake enough to not go to bed again. And I didn’t! Yay! So I’ve been up for 3 hours now, which surprisingly seems a lot less. When thinking of it, I haven’t done much. Had a nearly-raw breakfast (cereal – didn’t have nuts soaked to make raw mylk), listened to a book, surfed around the internet and thought a lot about doing my Spanish homework.
In the hope that the success continues, I hope to set my next alarm to 5.30 as that would be my ideal time to wake up.

I reckon that is all I have to say for now. For the concluding note I’d like to share this amazing video:
Have a nice day!


Polyphasic sleep days 12-14

REM sleep has gone well, mostly, but I ain’t getting to that stage with every nap. Whenever I have my alarm I manage to wake up in the night and stay awake but sometimes things go amiss and so I oversleep, again. For example last night I accidentally started stopwatch instead of timer and so it counted until 2 1/2 hours until I woke up – epic. But until early morning I managed to watch loads of Smallville episodes and hopefully will be done with that series before December 😛

My energy levels are quite high at all times. Due to the frequent naps I manage well throughout the day. Appetite has gone up especially in the nighttime. Luckily I’m not experiencing the difference in temperatures so much as I’ve read some others do. But that might be due to getting used to the cold house anyway. 

Still waiting for me Zeo to arrive though. 

And my motivation to keep this going is quite high – amzing how much time there can be in a day 🙂

But that’s all I can think of what to share at the moment. Well, one funny side I actually can think of – many friends of mine have said that if this experiment goes well with me, they’re gonna try doing the same. Nice to be of an inspiration and/or example to others 😉


Eli x

Polyphasic sleep day 11

My dreams are fully back. And this is the first night in ages that I have been productive and not sleeping unlimitedly. 

I have been keeping quite strickt 4-hour-cycles with me sleep-awake rhythm. But I don’t know for what reasons, but my dreams have become quite disturbing, which might also be a reason I’m not oversleeping.My last nap that I have just awaken from was a unique one so far for many reasons:
1) I was somewhat conscious the whole time as I heard the music that I left on playing at the background
2) I was aware that it was a dream but was quite terrified nevertheless
3) I kept on waking up for the fear of oversleeping but without any hint that that had been the case, I returned to the dream.
4) It seemed literally like half of a full night sleep, definitely not 20 minutes that includes getting comfy in the bed before actually falling asleep.
5) The sense of awareness, not only that I was in the dream which I knew, but that I was aware of what was happening, what was going to happen, as if I could see the immideate future.

As for the content of the sleeps, they have just been disturbing, for example the last dream ended with me trying to save myself and my bike from a man that was attacking me with his mind set on stealing the bike (and I knew this was going to happen). Others have been equally violent, in one way or another.

However, even though I am still very tired, I am glad to be awake and so I can continue my productive already night. This short post was just to let yous know about this progress, if you want to call it that. Shall see how I manage during the day. Tempted to go to the gym in the morning as well.


And so that I wouldn’t exactly end on an alarming tone -people have asked me what would I do with all the excess hours in the day (night). Well, I have to say it’s amazing how well you can study with everybody else asleep so you wouldn’t have the temptation of spending all the time chatting with someone. 🙂

Polyphasic sleep day 8-10

My experiment has somewhat gone downhill as I just cannot wake up in the nighttime (critical period any time between 1am to 5am when going to sleep). For example I recall waking up from a nap in the evening and staying awake for a couple of hours and then hitting the sack again, putting on my timer and that’s it. This morning I woke up before 7am, searching for my phone. I usually put it beside me in the bed, but after seeing that it was not on neither under the duvet, neither neither of the pillows, I checke underneath the bed where my luck stroke. I understand it would have been quite easy for me to accidentally nudge it there, but I just do not understand how I night after night after night manage to dismiss the alarm without being aware of it and then continue sleeping as if nothing happened. As I just tested, my timer does go off after having rung about 30 seconds. Now I just set up two alarms for every night – at 2am and 5am. And the alarms don’t go off, they snooze themselves if I don’t close it. So I can get proof of my behaviour in the night. 

On other note, I have started dreaming again. Yesterday evening was the first time after a few days. It feels nice, that the naps are actually naps not just me lying in the bed and feeling my consciousness shift. 

But, as I really want to at least be able to try actual polyphasic sleep, I won’t give up until I get into the right cycle with being able to be awake in the night. In order to do so I have bought myself a http://myzeo.co.uk/pages/what-is-zeo/ which is currently on its way to here, I hope to receive it sometime next week, rather sooner than later. With that I hope to be able to wake up after having a 10-15min nap when I’m back in my ‘light sleep’ phase, I do hope I return there after my REM sleep. Shall find out soon enough. 

Energy-wise I am not complaining. My downpoint was on Friday when I slept for half of my chemistry lecture. On the contrary I managed to go out Friay night and dance 4 hours non-stop. I have to say I do not feel the difference when I’m consuming some amounts of caffeine in tea or hot chocolate. It ‘kicks in’ in 30 minutes from consumption and lasts for about another 30 minutes that I feel a bit external, overflowing, everywhere, but then I’m back to normal, so I wouldn’t say that drinking tea in the night would even keep me awake. I’m surprised but I can even sleep with broad daylight in the room (before I always closed the curtains when having a daytime nap).

But that’s about all I can comment on. With my new alarms set for the night I hope to see some change. And when my Zeo arrives then of course as well. 


Polyphasic sleep day 5-7

In the last couple of days I have really struggled with being awake during nighttime and with my naps during daytime. I feel as if there’s some sort of shift, or delay with the sleep and sleeping time. Ie I usually wake up without having a sleep or in the middle of one, so either I’m already in the deep sleep phase (which is not good!), still in the middle of the REM sleep or haven’t got even that far and just in the light sleep. So the problem is not managing to sleep until the end of REM sleep and then waking up. I do not know how to change that and my solution to that is ordering a Zeo (which I’m currently bidding for on eBay :P). That way I hope I will manage to sleep one cycle of REM sleep and wake up refresh and ready to seize the next 4 hours. As this is currently the only solution I could think of besides suffering through that time until I completely adapt to this sleeping pattern, but the latter does not appeal to me as much as I have to be fit for uni and work. 
Another reason for this that I reckon is that the schedule is not too strick, that is that I have to adjust it every day to fit all my lectures and work in the waking time, so I sometimes leave 3 hours, sometimes 5-6 hours in between the naps, but I do end up getting at least 6 naps a day (as if I’m really tired, I sleep some more).  

I guess my diet hasn’t been the best either, too much cooked food – shall reduce that. But I have kept myself physically quite active – cycling and hitting the gym regularly. 

I survived the past night with 2 naps and 2-hour sleep in the early morning. After going to the gym I have been quite well and people haven’t even said that I look exhausted so I take it as a good sign.


Even if I end up heavily sleep deprived I shall continue doing this for at least another week as I’m pretty sure my difficulties are mostly related to being in the adaption phase. Time for my before-work-nap now, will keep yous posted!

Polyphasic sleep day 4

Yesterday morning at the gym was really relieving and energising, which I will repeat more often now that I cannot complain about waking up earlier. Daytime I managed with fairly regular naps and I have to say it does feel like actually sleeping now not just napping as such. They are quite energising! But I expect they shall be even better in a couple of more days. I do not recall seeing any dreams but I remember the sensation of being in one so I must have hit REM.

The nighttime however was crazy. I don’t recall much anything from  1-ish to 3-ish. I was exhausted and sleeping made me even more exhausted. I think I slept two cycles in a row because I just couldn’t get up to do anything else. But I put my timer on both of them so I woke up nevertheless. My eyes were so blurry when people wrote to me, I had a hard time answering them as I just could not see properly. But once I got out of my bed (into the cold) and started putting my jigsaw together again (will definitely finish with it today), it dragged me into it for over 2 hours, followed by another quick nap (I have now reduced my 30-minute timer to 21 as I fall asleep a lot quicker than I did the first two days) and then on and off with my uni homework.

I cannot make valid conclusions about my body temperature and heat requirements as the outside temperatures have gone significantly lower anyway and I think so does the warmth from the house disappear a lot quicker. Hence I don’t know whether it is just the cold house or me sleeping polyphasically that makes me feel cold a lot more often than I did a month ago or so.

Foodwise I do not feel too hungry over the ‘nighttime’, but still snack quite a lot on my raw cookies or nuts/fruits that I have handy. I would not say that I have achieved the 6-days-in-a-day state yet (ie there are significant differences in my condition compared to am and pm). Otherwise, now that I have just had my last nap of the day (am), even though I only slept/napped (cannot identify) for about 10 minutes, I do feel fresh and awake and ready to seize the day. Carpe Diem.

Polyphasic sleep day 3

I write this as I have literally just woken up from my last nap 1 minute ago. Even though I’m a bit still foggy and could have slept another hour or so, I feel an incredible progress over the night!!

I’ve been keeping quite neat nap-schedule over the last day with the exception of the time around midnight when I figured there’s no point in suffering and introduced an extra nap to the day so I slept (if I remember correctly) at 10pm, 1am, 3am and now from 6.30am. And I am hitting REM sleep! This started happening with the last two sleeps if I’m not wrong.

The weirdest nap so far was the one at 3am as I was quite exhausted and that expressed in my dream as well – it was quite literally foggy. I was tired in my sleep (which gave me hard time in distinguishing at one point whether I had waken up before the alarm and was so sleepy that I just couldn’t get up and open my eyes or was still asleep) and so I cannot really remember much of it, just the feeling that I was so tired. As usual I was nevertheless aware that I was dreaming in my dream and so I would call it nearly lucid dreaming.

The time before the next break was filled with putting my jigsaw puzzle together (accompanied by an audiobook which usually makes me sleepy but not with the puzzle! Amazing!) for 1.5 hours, watching a movie for 1 hour and looking up some stuff in the internet the last bit. With my last dream I felt still a bit confused just for the sake of being in a dream but was fully aware of it and could act according to my wish (even though I quite often see it from the 3rd person). Funny.
But I think that it is just so amazing that with three days I have managed to lessen the regular 90minute period of time to hit the REM sleep to, I don’t know, 10 minutes? I’m really surprised as well of how quickly I fall asleep. I wouldn’t say I do it instantly as my head hits the pillow but damn close as the last two times I have woken up, I could’ve sworn I’ve slept longer than the timer-set 30 minutes (magic of having dreams!). So I am pretty excited now and won’t make this post any longer as the gym will be opened in 15 minutes and I’d like to spends my next awake-cycle physically active.

Good morning!

Polyphasic sleep day 2

I am very disappointed in myself right now.

I managed throughout the whole day quite well (kept myself awake with sudokus) but had 7 hours without sleep in the evening which I think drove me to the reason I’m disappointed. When I finally had the chance to sleep, half an hour seemed so little, but still did it. I stood awake for 2.5 hours then and decided to have another nap to make up to the one that I couldn’t have in the evening. After waking up from that sleep I was so very very tired that holding my eyes open was litterally impossible. And so after half an hour or so I figured I’d do another 30 minutes and that’s it. But then I forgot to put on my timer….. And so I slept for ages, which be more than 4 hours I think. And now, even though I’m still tired, I know I have kind of ruined my state and getting into the polyphaisc cycle will take longer than I was hoping for. Day seems waisted when I wake when it’s already light, I have to admit.

Conclusion – better self-discipline.

Polyphasic sleep day 1

I reckon it’s time to make a wee conclusion of my condition so far.

As mentioned in the first post, last night I slept about 5 hours and then nothing, until… well, difficult to say. I tried to have a nap at 4 but as predicted – it was unsuccesful. Oddly enough though, it didn’t exactly the same as I used to when I lie in my bed in the evening by just can’t fall asleep for a couple of hours, I actually felt that I’m resting during that time. Physically at least if not mentally, which I wouldn’t expect so soon anyway.

The second nap I tried to have was after 9. It resulted same as the previous one – resting but no sleep. Though I do think my consciousness shifted away at times by my physiological changes, or just the jitty feeling inside when you’re going deeper.

After having watched many episodes of various tv-shows and every so often munching on a fruit (throughout the evening) I actually slept a bit during my next break at 2am. The odd part there was waking up as I thought I recalled switching off my timer alarm but then drifting back (which I usually never-ever do, I have trained myself ages ago to be fully awake when the alarm sounds so I have never slept in when the alarm has rang), but then the phone started ringing again. Might have been me imagination about the first time or it just took me so long to realise the alarm was actually ringing that I dreamed about switching it off. As I was getting a bit more tired then, I was lucky to have spent the next hour in the company of other people followed by listening to my audiobook and putting together a jigsaw puzzle that has been waiting on my table for over a week now. I am lucky to be addicted to jigsaws as this kept me well awake until 6am when I a bit had to make myself to go and have the nap.

I did not reach the REM sleep, or so I think as I don’t remember any dreams (I usually do), but consciousness was far from here. And waking was quick and easy with the alarm. And so the sun is just about to rise and it’s getting lighter outside. Still quite tired but as it’s only one night without any proper sleep, I know (but cross my fingers) that I will manage 3 hours at university.

But now it’s time to have a nice nutritious breakfast! Good morning! 🙂