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Juicing! With parsnip!

I love juicing. At the moment I have been juicing on average once a day for more than a week and it is great! My motivator is having my vegan sister living next-door to me who is into that, and the desire to reduce my intake of solids. Also it feels great going to the supermarket only to get fresh produce.

I have been keeping it quite safe though, not using any tomatoes, half veg-half fruit kinda combos. Keeping it simple as well – carrot-apple(-beetroot), courgette-pear/apple, added ginger/lemon here and there, fairly simple stuff. We have been wondering regarding what more veg/fruit we can use for juicing, so we did some pure plum juice, or plum and beetroot. I was sceptical regarding plums at first, because any juice I have seen in stores is usually never fresh but from concentrate, and includes plum pulp, not exactly juice. But it juices really well! Thus plum – being currently in season as well – is included in every second juice just now.
We also juiced a little bit of some kale, but the yield was not significant really, thus it requires a lot for very little – better leave it for eating as a whole. I used up a couple of cucumbers, but as my sis is not able to digest them alongside some other foods, like peppers, we have had to find alternatives. And that is when the thought came – parsnip! We had no clue how it would juice, or what it would taste like. Yesterday morning the time had come to use them up before they go off, or roast them for alternative if it turned out awful.

We had a whole pack of parsnips, which would be around 1 kilo I imagine. We started off with apples and pears, and added the first parsnip – halfway through only to come to the realisation it might taste revolting and quickly changed the jug to a glass to separate the juice. Finished with the first one we had a try – and it was amazing! Like more amazing than carrots! It comes a little bit powdery (but that was amplified with the pears), but otherwise so smooth and sweet. In a way that it would not be a problem to have a glass of pure parsnip juice, the way you can with carrot also! But they are even sweeter than carrots. Ah, it was truly wonderful. So we continued to do the whole pack and after having given it a good stir – got a creamy ivory-coloured drink which reminded us of milkshake (and might be put to use similarly).

Here’s to another great juicing discovery!


Eli x

Dinner for 50

Howdy-ho people,

I was thinking that I should possibly show you some awesomeness I have cooked for when I’ve been asked to do some catering. Here’s a couple of photos (taken from Sustainable Future’s photos, not mine) from a Dine in the Dark dinner that I did for about 45 people. I’ll post some more stuff of the events soon 🙂

First course – Selection of bread (rye, Mediterranean, olive) with dips (two different cashew cheeses, red pepper hummus)

Second course – Lentil-stuffed peppers with side salad

Third course – Cheese platter with celery, olives and grapes

Fourth course – Selection of fruit

The three main courses


As the people were eating in the dark, some explanation of what they were eating was in order 😛
catering 006
Even had a vegan cheese platter for the couple of vegans!

Raw marzipan-fruit-pie

It is time for *drumming sounds* – the recipe of the best cake I have made so far! I know it sounds unlike, but man, once you try it….. mmm….. So.


250g coconut flesh (I used chips and desiccated forms)
2 cups dates (soaked ~30min if needed to make them softer)
2 bananas
a few fruits of your own choice (I used 3 kiwis, 1.5 apples, 1 banana)
2 cups almond meal
1/2 cup agave syrup
optional: 1 tbsp yacón syrup

Process 1 cup of dates and the coconut in whatever machinery you’ve got handy to make the base of the pie. Press it to the tin to cover the base and the sides (~2cm higher).
For the filling chop your fruits to nice and small pieces. Blend the leftover dates with 2 bananas into this gooey mass and mix it with the fruit salad. This is your filling so pour it on to the base that you’ve made.
For the ‘crust’, mix the almond meal with agave syrup to make marzipan! I added a bit of yacón syrup to make a bit different colouring for the main topping layer and made a bit more without to create a sun on top of that as well.
And that’s you done! You don’t have to leave it standing in the fridge if you don’t have the time, but I think it would make the filling a bit more thicker (as you can see from the photos below). It tastes absolutely amazing! Give it a try and you shan’t be disappointed 🙂