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Banana-island challenge

Hello, everyone!

This is a flashback post about a fast I did more than a month ago. This is something I have been seriously planning to do for a period of time last spring already, but due to high stress levels gave up on day two. The fast is something my previous flatmate called the banana island, when he did it himself. It is as simple as being on a monofood diet for as long a period as desired, eating only bananas. With bananas. Topped with more bananas.
How I set my ‘rules’, is bananas in any shape or form, as long as it’s only bananas, are allowed. And water and herbal teas.

No restricting of calories, but having as many bananas as I want/can eat. Due to my full-time job finding the free time was not easy, but I did manage with minimal tasting of other foods at work and mostly feeding on my bananas. And an old friend was keen on joining in, so despite hundreds of miles of distance between us, we did it together and updated each other as we went along, which was also very nice and motivating 🙂

I have to say having tried it the second day around was definitely much much easier than the first time. Maybe because I was more mentally prepared? But perhaps also because I did not try to force myself into eating too much but just go with the hunger and bear in mind I have unlimited amounts of bananas available. Having had fairly busy couple of days I did not have the moment to start thinking about food and craving stuff out of boredom either. All in all, it was quite nice, but perhaps some more ripe bananas would have been even nicer 😛

Day 1:

Hanging around Chinatown with my Wing Chun group for a demonstration – only a few bananas for breakfast and bought a bunch whilst in town. The day was quite long – grabbed a cup of fresh infusion and watched two movies in the cinema (considering I had thus far been to the cinema twice in London, it was a notable day already for that! Also because the second was the Labyrinth, therefore many emotions were indeed involved), therefore out of the house, not many chances to boredom-indulge, and indeed it felt a relief in a way, the ease with which you can pass the day without having to worry about your meals. I think I had about 11 bananas that day and the mere number was what saved me from being so sick of them!

Day 2:

Some more bananas. And I managed to do a whole class of our kickboxing/wing chun training on just bananas! Happy days. After that I surprisingly still managed to keep meself busy enough to just eat bananas. Went even dancing in the evening and still feeling sustainable! Cannot remember how many I ate, possibly not very different from the previous day. But my banana chips got ready so I was chewing away on dehydrated bananas a lot of the time as well, which also meant increased intake of water to balance that out.

Day 3:

Back to work! Which means a chance to use the blender! Blended some bananas into ice cream which was a bit of a change again, and made one smoothie as well, I think. That day I had to still taste one or two items when at work, but surprisingly not much at all, and 98% of my calories still came from bananas, so all in all quite successful. But getting bored of bananas. Had to run out after work and do a trip to Richmond, meaning I only got home later in the evening, meant even less time to be bored with my diet. And thus I waited until the end of the day and went to sleep, to successfully have done at least three days of eating merely bananas.DSC_1693



All in all, I would definitely call it a success. My initial hopes had been to do 3-4-5 days, but man, if you try it you do realise how much you crave different textures, and mangoes, and apples. Or maybe it is just me who absolutely loves apples. Anyway! Three days on bananas and my stomach was still reasonably happy. More fasts to come! The more you try these kind of ‘crazy’ things, the more your body gets used to it and voila, next you know you are doing a week long juice fast 😉

Until next crazy adventure,

Eli x

Water! And breatharianism

Hello dear folks,

I have done something I personally perceived as impossible. I have done nigh two-day water fast which includes one day at work! Now I have done water fasts before, but not yet so successfully. I started my water fast as I did feel the need to reduce the amount I eat (still not got the symptoms of a chef that you do not want to eat at work so much..) and good to give the stomach and gut a bit of a rest and cleanse. T’was a wonderful experience. Now why I thought it to be impossible is because the life of a chef in a vegan kitchen is SO tempting, there is food I could eat everywhere. Now why I said neigh two-day fast, is because I still had to try what I was preparing, but I would say my overall calorie intake yesterday did not exceed 100kcal. I would still call that quite good!

The best thing about it is – I realised how strong willpower really is! Literally, whatever you set your mind to, you will be able to do. I do not think I have any disorders, illnesses, diseases caused by my diet, so far so good, thus I find it quite demotivating to give up certain foods when my body can take on everything I give it. If I felt bad after eating certain foods, that would surely be an insurance I would stop eating that food, for who wants to feel uncomfortable in the stomach? Also, to be able to resist so much food available to the eye proved that my emotional connection with food is not quite as strong as I have perceived it to be. Perhaps I can give it up one day 🙂

The second thing – why I am going to give up the fast this morning is only because I really feel like eating. My hunger has come and gone, yesterday late in the evening I did start feeling quite hungry again, but waking up this morning I feel I could do at least another half a day. But the papaya on the table looks too tempting. Other than that, I have managed to skate to work and back, work a full day, walk for more than an hour a day, and even go to my wing chun class on the first day’s evening – all on just water! This is truly incredible when you realise how much energy your body actually has in store in your body. Contrary to the first time I tried to fast on water, I have had no significant side-effects. I do not feel cold, lacking energy, or dizzy. Granted, there has been a little light-headedness when I have risen too quickly, but can happen no matter what. Overall, I am seriously impressed with the capabilities of my body.

This bring me to the second point. A few people who have gone down the route of a long discussion know that I believe breatharianism is possible. (Breatharianism is a diet/lifestyle when a person is not eating or drinking anything. In some cases there may be very low calorie intake, or water.) There is much taboo around this topic I think, as majority of the people do believe it is utter nonsense. I would call it an evolution really. And do mind, all of this is 100% my personal opinion (even though it is other people that have brought me to this conclusion, like Jericho Sunfire). I have had this mind-set for a decent few years now. I have hoped to one day become a breatharian myself. My plan-of-action was ‘evolving’ from vegan to a raw vegan, then go only on liquids, fruitarian, on water, and perhaps by the end, if I am still alive, give up water as well. In theory it is all good and well, but despite being able to do few-day-fasts, I am not nearly as disconnected from food to be able to exclude so much from my diet. But that is exactly why I call it an evolution, because as time goes by, I would like to think that perhaps with the increased knowledge, food would not seem so attractive regarding where it came from, what is in it, the hardship it goes through in the body, or most of all how much of the food we consume daily is only due to the social circumstances. It is time for lunch, let’s go and have food. Feeling bored? Have a snack. This is not a healthy attitude, but I find emotions and environment are the main factors that motivate the consumption of food. Also the portion sizes determine how much we eat, I think, at least the way I was raised I hate to see food go to waste, thus I eat more often than not a lot more than I would need or feel like, just because I will not bin any leftovers on my place. Disconnecting emotions from food would allow us to literally eat only when the body is calling for it.

My vegan sister had an incident earlier in the year when she could not eat anything for the most part of the month, and pretty much only liquids to follow the next month. Her attitude towards food was changed and not returned since. The experience proved that surviving on water for long periods of time is possible, even if it comes unprepared in that sense, and the emotional connection with food can change. And this is the moment I am waiting for, for the mindset to change so that I could stop eating as much as I do, and opt for the food that does the best in my body – fruits and vegetables as a majority. And that would bring me one step closer to the top of the evolution. Because thinking of the advantages – saving a load of money, time, and environment, why not? Only time will tell if this will ever happen and be the case or not though 🙂

Hope this is something to think about.

Take care,

Eli x

Monofruit week fasting

Hello, dear everybody,


I’ve been wanting to post recipes and stuff but I haven’t been too actively preparing anything as I was fasting for a week on monofruits mostly! So I thought to share this with yous instead 🙂

Most people have asked me simply why? Well, detox is always useful every once in a while. And if you don’t like fasting on water then rather have something light and easy for the digestive system. And what could be easier than whole fruits, the same kind, for a whole day? Plus, if you think about it – it is just so simple, you don’t have to think or worry about what to eat, as you’ve already decided what to have the whole day!

Here’s what I had for the whole week:

Day 1 – 20 (or 21) bananas

Day 2 – 3 kg carrots (about 300g boiled)

Day 3 – 28 peaches

Day 4 – 2.25 pineapples + 1.25 l of pineapple juice (and a handful of watermelon)

Day 5 – 14 bananas

Day 6 – 4.5 mangos

Day 7 – 600 g medjoul dates + about 300 g cheapest pitted dates


That was my menu for the week. And it was fabulous! At day 1 I got quite a bit tired of bananas though as I decided that I want to have them as whole fruits. So I kept on eating them. By the evening I was quite sick of bananas…

Day 2 was interesting. I love carrots, and by now – I love them again! I thought I had quite a lot of carrots at home, but then I started peeling them in the morning and realised it was only around 700 grams. It was enough for breakfast, as I didn’t have more time to chew anyway. After work I went by Sainsbury’s to get 3 more bags of the organic carrots. I ate about 1 kilo straight after. Then the jaw started getting a bit tired… As you might imagine. So I boiled some to have before work – because I only have the limited 15 minutes for a break at work thus not much time to chew through another kilo of raw carrots. By the end of the day I had a wee handful still left and I shared them with my flatmates as I couldn’t even bear the sight of them…

Day 3 was my favourite day of them all. Sainsbury’s had just reduced so many boxes of peaches so I bought them all – 7×4 there were. They were so perfectly ripe, nearly every single one of them. And after the rather low in calories carrot day, they went down a storm, kind of. Eventually. I had 6 for breakfast and had to stop as I was just so full! But throughout the day I kept on eating them I had the last 2 after work at home – so it all worked out perfectly well, and the calorie amount was around 1800 so pretty much as much as I need in a day 🙂 So nice!

Day 4 was the most interesting one I have to say. By then I really started craving for salt, anything salty, anything savoury food. But my mind was set and I didn’t have any cheating… That I could help.
So, I had a pineapple for breakfast before work and chopped another one up to take with me to work to have on my break. After the first pineapple my tongue was okay as it nearly always is after just one pineapple. When I had my break at work about 2 hours after I had had my first pineapple, the tongue started to get a bit sensitive, but I still managed to have the second one without any damage and thought that the break until my next chance to have the next one would be enough to recover. However, my second shift at work was cancelled and so the lunch came a bit earlier than expected. However, it was a decent time indeed for lunch. So there I was, sitting outside in our garden in this wonderfully summery Aberdeen weather, having my pineapple and my flatmate eating his watermelon, as it was his melon day, when my tongue gets really sensitive again. Nothing compared to the pain of the first tattoo getting done though so naturally I continued. How bad could it be after all? Well, worse than I expected. I had only managed to go through maybe a fifth or so when I tried to have a look at my tongue (not that easy with the nose on the way and everything…) and my flatmate insisted I stopped, that there was blood on my teeth. And then I tasted it – yes indeed, that was the sweet taste of my own blood ^^ The bowl was removed from my reach and a piece of watermelon was given to cool the tongue down. Honestly, I was rather surprised of the turn it all took. Then he put half of his watermelon in front of me and told me to eat that instead. So, well, I did a bit. But being as determined as I am, I didn’t eat much and soon enough went to the supermarket anyway and besides more bananas, bought a pineapple juice. So I firstly juiced the last remaining pineapple I had – which I had to dilute with water as my mouth started bleeding once again. And then finished the evening off with the store-bought not from concentrate pineapple juice – also diluted with some water. All in all, I’d say the excitement was pretty much worth the blood 😛 And it made me come up with a theory (that I haven’t researched yet to see if it’s backed up with anything but makes the most sense to me anyway) why the pineapple makes your tongue hurt:
The most ripe pineapples are the sweetest and rarely make the tongue sensitive, but with rather unripe fruits it can happen quickly or very quickly. Therefore with the ripening of the fruit the acidity levels would be dropping, in the sense that maybe the PH is rising closer to 7. So with not perfectly ripe fruits the acids might slowly burn the skin on the tongue through, so it get a lot more sensitive to what it touches. Thus with enough acid it can actually penetrate the skin and thus make it bleed! And even though mouth injuries heal the quickest, a couple of hours is not enough to restore the top layer of the tongue which makes anything non-neutral hurt at least a bit. <- that’s my thought anyway! 😀

Day 5 was low in calories but I just didn’t feel like eating much at all. I took a bunch of bananas in the living room to have for my breakfast, I could just about finish my second one and pushed down another one, when I decided it was time to stop the torture and just make a smoothie. And that’s how the rest 11 bananas went down. Not to mention that it’s easier to drink the amount bananas compared to eating them, it is also more delicious. 🙂

Day 6 was somewhat of a disappointment to me as I love mangoes. But after I had had 2 for breakfast I didn’t feel like having anything at all. I was really full. And would have rather appreciated a different kind of mango, but there’s only one that most stores stock. So I had 2 more before work that evening and took one with me to work, and exchanged one for an unripe one so I could have it in a few days instead. The one I had at work was from M&S and I had hopes that it’ll be really nice. It was realllllllly fibrous though and got stuck in between the teeth and was just so watery, it was a pool around me. So I chopped it into pieces and had to eat half of it around the stone as it was rather difficult to cut there. So that’s the half of the fifth I ended up eating and gave the rest to my workmate. So that was day 6.

Day 7 I was kind of looking forward to because I have this huge box of the cheap dates in my room where I often have a handful just like that, and had to stop myself from doing that every day, reminding myself of the fasting 😛 I had two 200 g boxes of organic medjoul dates from Sainsbury’s and about 200 grams of more medjouls that I had for breakfast, then lunch and dinner at work. And in between indulged on the cheap ones whilst at home. It was nice indeed to just have the dates. People made comments that I’ll be running between the toilet at work then but I think my body got used to the amounts of dates I eat long time ago, anyway, proved them wrong – except with the amounts of water I’ve been drinking I still need to go every so often.

And I started on day 8 as well – bananas again as I just have so many, I survived through the lunch and everything with cheating just to eat some amazing blueberries and strawberries, but could not resist much longer when meeting up with a friend, so there it ended. I’d say with the exception of the watermelon a solid 7 days of monoeating. Pretty amazing 🙂 I didn’t feel much different with digestion or anything,  except a really bad headache the second day, but it was gone by the third day, so I took is as a sign of detox for I was drinking loads and loads of water so couldn’t have been dehydration. So if you want to detox but not juice all the time or make smoothies then this might be a great alternative – very easy, reasonably cheap if you think about it, and you’re not restricting yourself in calories – eat as much fruit as you want! 🙂

I still have about 20 pears in my fruit bowl waiting to be ripe enough – and when they are I shall have another solo monofruit day. And if I won’t do a whole week of monofruits, I will definitely carry on doing occasional days like this. All hands up! 🙂

I hope this has been reasonably interesting for you to read! Maybe of an inspiration even.

Comments always welcome! Let me know if there’s another kind of experiment you find fascinating – I just might try it and let everybody know of the outcomes and my experience. 🙂

Eli x

Hello y’all again!

To continue my seven day juicing/smoothie-ing detox, I decided to finally try some proper fasting on water. Thus I started on Sunday late afternoon when I had the last grape juice and had nothing until the same time today making a total of 48 hours.

Have you ever fasted on water?

I have tried once before. I lasted until the evening but then my body temperature went quite low, I think, for I was cold nearly all the time, head was dizzy and so I had a dinner. (nearly all raw, though! 🙂 I think just the salad sauce was not raw). So this time I had better hopes as I hadn’t eaten much at all anyway the past week, but neither had I drank a lot of water.

Over a year ago when I was just vegan, I started trying out raw vegan foods once a week on Mondays and wanted to have one Monday a month for just water but I soon realized (upon the first trial) that I needed some nourishment and thus allowed meself one liter of water as well, and that was it for a day.

But this time I managed surprisingly well! The first 24 hours weren’t bad at all! By the end of that time my stomach had started grumbling, yes, but I had no other symptoms of exhaustion or undernourishment. Today, however, the last 12 hours, have been somewhat a challenge. First of all it’s awfully bothering to go to the toilet once an hour, nearly, especially when trying to sleep…
And when trying to rise up I was feeling quite dizzy and had to have a couple of seconds to balance myself. Additionally, in the morning/afternoon I could feel the circulation getting a bit worse for my legs started falling asleep when I was sitting – very quickly!
Another weird thing I noticed in the morning was how my throat was itchy! I don’t know why for I don’t feel otherwise like coming down with anything.

By the end of the 48 hours I was starting to feel somewhat better though, it wasn’t as disorientating anymore to get up (for I have spent all the day at home in my bed – day off!!) but something a good friend of mine said made me think (and hereby I quote) ‘Commandeering your own body is one thing, becoming a cruel dictator is another’. And so I realized – if my body can’t carry the blood to all the places it needs to, it is craving for something, and in this case it was obviously food. Thus I decided to end it at 48 hours and have two oranges. I quite quickly felt better and was really okay to get up and walk about. So I decided that fasting on water is good, yes, and especially if you want to use up some fat by utilizing the ketone bodies then fasting on water for longer period of time would work well. But as I’m going to a doctor tomorrow regarding a possible had injury, I did want this to remain the reason for being there and so I was quite happy with the 48 hours. It’s more than I’ve managed so far! But I think I will do a full day of fasting on water regularly – less at a time but more often overall.

And so I shall return to a mostly raw vegan diet. And will keep yous posted with nice recipes or information I find necessary to share with everyone.

To finish off a very appropriate song was just playing at the background – ‘Celebrate’ by Pamyua (one of the most amazing groups I’ve met!). Unfortunately they don’t have the song available for free listening, but the chorus’ lyrics are:
Celebrate your life, be true to who you really are,
Celebrate your life, be who you’re meant to be.

Thus everyone, let’s celebrate our lives by nourishing our bodies with the best food we can offer them and by cleansing them every once in a while, whether with juice or water I shall leave up to each and every one of you to decide according to your desires and limits.

Eli xxx