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Early riser training days 10-14

Gooooooooooooood morning, dear people,

My Wednesday morning was quite a bit anxious after having gone to bed the previous evening. I heard voices from the corridor and I had slept for what felt so long that I was seriously afraid I had slept in. And then I checked my phone – 10.30………pm. And then I realised that I hadn’t slept at all nearly. But felt already pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚ Back to bed and woke up at 3.30 am next. Was again thinking if I had slept in, or maybe woken up at the right time exactly, but no. Still early. And then finally was waken up by the alarm. And weirdly enough I have still no appetite! But had an apple to be on the safe side I won’t collapse on my way to work.

Did not have time to have a nap during the day, barely had time to even sit down and have a wee rest. So by the evening I was quite knackered and thus after I had come home from work I went nearly straight to bed. I did not fall asleep instantly but it was nice to relax my body (which felt so uncomfortable in its own skin) and let me thoughts linger and do what they want. And that morningย was a pretty majorย success! I woke up at 5.25 am! No alarm, no nothing, I just naturally woke up, was wondering what was it about, checked my phone and the time was 5.25. Amazing! My biological clock is finally kicking in with the new routine!!! Pretty happy about that.

I haven’t had much time for a nap in those past day, and I don’t often feel like it.. I did have a nap on Sunday morning-ish (around 10am – not that much a morning for me anymore) but I tend to make it to the point where I’m just about drifting off (that’s so cool when you actually feel it and acknowledge it without ‘beaking the spell’).
Otherwise there hasn’t been much of a change in my routine. I find it I’ve reached that point in life when I want to go to bed around 10pm ๐Ÿ˜€ wouldn’t have thought 10 years ago I’d be admitting that… So that is pretty much the routine – I rarely go to bed after 10, rather earlier. And sometimes my biological alarm kicks in mere seconds (or minutes) before my alarm rings – which I find pretty amazing ๐Ÿ˜›

Another thing regarding going to sleep is that when I put music on, I tend to fall asleep times quicker. I have self time on my phone’s music player that I use. Usually I set it to 20 minutes or just around it. Ifย I have gone to bed and not put the music on, I can decide to do that in half an hour if not more, as I haven’t still fallen asleep. But each time the music is on, I do not remember the time it stops.
Last night was a great example how this helps me fall asleep very very quickly – (it was just after 10pm) I put my electric blanket on to warm up the bed, put the music on with a song that is 14 minutes long (Gamma Ray – Heading For Tomorrow) and I was mentally keeping myself awake to switch the blanket off as soon as it gets nice and cosy. So by the time I remember I switched it off, the song had been going for at least 10 minutes already (remembering by the song, I quite know it by heart :D). And as soon as I switched the blanket off, I blacked out myself as well. Or within the next minute, because I don’t remember the song ending. So that is prettttty awesome, in my opinion. But it is only because of the music I have gathered. And that might be because I have been listening to music for falling asleep quite a lot before. I had that few months when I was something like 14-15 that I literally could not fall asleep without music playing in my ears. And quite often I have used audiobooks ever since (with double-win whether I fall asleep or not). So that is why I think this works for me. It might not be for everybody. In fact, I know some people who need complete silence in order to fall asleep, so this is definitely not for them.
I also hope that after having trained myself sufficiently well, I can lose the music and fall asleep easily just on my own ๐Ÿ™‚

Regarding my appetite – it was pretty low until Friday, I think. And over the weekend I have been eating a lot, again. So even that has normalised now. ๐Ÿ™‚

I reckon that’s about as much as there is to tell about the past days. I have been dreaming some pretty weird stuff every night, so beware that there might be side effects, but I enjoy them, up to a point when they get too frustrating.

But that should be it. I think I shall only post regarding this matter if there’s something big I want to share with others. In other cases, I enjoy my new routine very much, I get pretty decent nights sleep and getting up in the morning is great. And today and tomorrow I shall see if going to the gym (exercise classes) in the morning (7am) affects the rest of the day regarding mostly my tiredness in the evening or need for a nap during daytime. Also I would actually be getting up and about early, so that’s change ๐Ÿ˜€ But that after being able to see any changes.

Have a great day!

Eli x

Howdy-ho y’all!

Waking up early is still so great! I really do enjoy the extra time to be uselessly unproductive before duties call. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Saturday evening I still napped for a wee while, drifted off a bit as well, but then headed to work which messed me up somewhat as I left there at 4am. Indeed, that 5.30am alarm was not easy to accept. I think I still dozed off many times when I was thinking of how to make myself get up or what to do as I only had to go to work by 11am. Thus I finally actually rose around 6.30am or so. And decided to finish watching a Monty Python film during which I really had to make myself stay awake. Tried playing Sherlock (DOS) game meanwhile but eyes kept on closing contrary to my will. I took two more naps during the morning, around 8am and again after 9am, very decent 20-minute naps during which I did actually get into sleep phase – but only light sleep, I think, as I don’t remember exactly dreaming. But then again, maybe I was and I was just thinking that I was thinking not dreaming… Regardless, that helped quite a bit. I’m surprised I’m still awake though at 7pm now. I know exhaustion will take over in about an an hour so I’d better be prepared for that.


The alarm rang too early, regarding my sleep, even though it was nearly solid 9 hours (but 10 divided by two nights might bot be.). But I did wake up, and sort of got up. Watched all yesterday’s series’ episodes I’m keeping myself updated with and had a nap. A true nap. Already within a minute I recognised how my consciousness was drifting away and I was definitely dreaming during the 20-minute nap – REM sleep! Of course I could have continued timewise with the nap but I rather sleep only as much as I really need. And life showed that I did not really need any more! I had to try hard to stay awake and focused during my lecture but that’s nearly always like that. Regarding my appetite then that has not yet returned. I do eat, somewhat, but not because I feel like it, rather because I feel for myself enough to give it some nutrients to work with. And as I drank much tea throughout the day and hot chocolate, I do not reckon it was lacking calories. At least it wasn’t growling too often.


I called it an evening quite early again, I reckon around 9.30 pm or so. And it was pretty awesome feeling how I’m starting to drift away quite quickly. And next I know I’m waking up around 11.30 pm after having slept what felt ages. But I returned to sleep quite quickly and slept right through to my alarm at 5.30 am. Saw some pretty weird dreams as well… And yet again could have slept longer, but rather had an extra nap before actually having to get up. I did go into light sleep stage but I didn’t get to dream yet, but it was still a refreshing nap. Ready to seize the day…. I guess…

But without food! As I wrote at the end of my water-fast post, I would like to fast every now and then on water, a day at a time. And at the moment I feel like maybe that’s what I need as I don’t have much of an appetite anyway. Thus I wouldn’t really ‘torture’ myself as I wouldn’t eat much anyway. Thus I’d call it good timing ๐Ÿ™‚ Tuesday on only water it is!ย And of course having stated that my stomach is now growling more often than not. But ain’t feeling hungry, still, which is a good sign. For me, anyway.

HAHA, my brain is so brilliant, I just made the best joke of the week! Writing as my thoughts developed in my head: I think I’ll go to bed even earlier than usual, around 7-8, just so I have enough time to finally rest as I will have to work the whole day tomorrow without time for nap in between. Yes, that’s a good idea. Besides, I have to wake up early tomorrow as I start at 7. ย *a second of thinking about what I had just though* Oh wait, I am already waking up early enough!
Maybe it was more funny in my head, but I had to laugh out loud when I came to the conclusion.

So I haven’t eaten a thing in 22 hours now and I finally feel hollow from the inside (of my stomach, of course). But my stomach is singing in tune with the music at least, so I’m happy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Weirdly enough I don’t really feel I’m lacking energy really. But boy does waking up early help! I mean, by the time I was through with me lectures around 2 pm, I only had a few more hours to stay awake. Morning goes really quickly without noticing and uni takes a few hours also, and thus it’s so easy not to eat a thing! I’ve drank over three litres of water which I don’t think is much. I should drink that much every day, really… But there are only so many times I want to be waking up in the night-time in order to go to the toilet… that’s the only annoying thing about fasting on water.

And that’s me, really! Stomach has settled down now again, haven’t made a sound in the last hour, but my thirst has increased so I’ve drank like a litre in the last hour. It’s been 24 hours since I ate last. Still don’t feel bad at all. Quite a success then, I conclude. Feeling a bit purer. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe my appetite will return whilst working in the kitchen tomorrow! If not, I’m gonna continue drinking my liquorish tea.

And I’m gonna call it the night now! It’s already past 8pm and I can’t wrap my head around a mathematical problem.

Good night!

Eli x

Good day, everyone!

Wed – This morning was a bit scary for I think my phone didn’t have the display lock on for the whole night at least when I heard the alarm at 5.30am, it stopped within half a second so I was confused whether it had actually rang. So luckily I checked. Otherwise things would have been not so good if I slept in (regarding making a habit). So I’m joyful I didn’t ๐Ÿ˜€ Sharply rose and listened to a wee bit of ‘Shadows In Flight’ until the last Supernatural episode downloaded which I watched therefore afterwards. A brilliant episode if I may say so, including animal rights and vegan stuff! Now work, time to embrace the coldness of my room and outside.
My appetite is so weird lately. I think my stomach is much used to raw food and now that I’ve been having mostly cooked food the past two days it takes ages for my stomach to digest it, so I’m quite full from not much food today at all. Anyway, I’ve been pretty active the whole day – working. Though in the afternoon energy levels started falling but there was no place where to have a nap so I tried to keep myself busy and keep on going and thus had a nap as soon as I got home after eight. Now more than an hour has passed so I guess I can go to bed now ๐Ÿ™‚


Thu – I think needless to say that the previous evening dragged on until closer to midnight – ย as it seems to be doing lately (but weirdly not much before, I’ve been generally going to bed quite early the past month or so) but at least I don’t remember pondering upon life much longer but rather falling asleep quite quickly ๐Ÿ™‚ Regardless, I think I am still wearing off this energy reserve I seemed to have gathered and that’s why it’s not particularly difficult to get up at 5.30am. But I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have a nap after shift at work in the afternoon. Or try to anyway. Stomach is finally craving for food. Room should be safe to get out to from bed soon enough… ๐Ÿ˜€
No, the appetite did not return. I had quite a small breakfast and not much anything the whole day, in the evening I was snacking on food from boredom. I have been drinking tea and juice and things like that though so not quite on a fast. In the morning also took a quick ‘nap’ before uni, around 9am. Felt somewhat drifting off already but still nearly fully conscious. ย And thus it’s again late. But luckily ain’t feeling sleep deprivation yet. Guess my body knows I’ve been through worse, haha. But my well-deserved 6-6.5 hours of sleep, here I come!


Fri – Trouble falling asleep yesterday, thinking too much about work and uni and everything. But put on an audiobook I’m currently listening anyway with 20 minute timer and can recall nothing of what I heard – mission accomplished. Though waking up was a bit more difficult today. I think soon I will be able to actually nap. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still not feeling like eating though my stomach I think is disagreeing with me. So I fed it two bananas and apples. That ought to keep me going for a while.
I did not have time for a nap which I think I could have actually used. And work lasted for quite long so I got to home around 11 pm only and bed soon after that. Was feeling quite tired but remember pondering upon life still a few minutes before losing my consciousness.


Sat – Pretty much the most difficult morning so far. I think my energy reserves are starting to wear off at last. And today and night will be challenge – plan to do loads of uni work (essays) which requires good brain activity; and I’m working tonight, which will screw up my routine a bit, but I’ll take as many naps as I need during the day today and tomorrow, when I’m not working.
Had a 20 minute nap before 7 am (had been up for an hour so could allow it) but it was so difficult to make meself get up again. I think I was delirious for another 20 minutes when I decided that I ought to get up and let some daylight in to my room. And sync the phone with the computer. I think soon I’ll have to resort to putting more jigsaws together which I’ve been saving for a time like this ๐Ÿ™‚ However, it’s nearly noon now and I had quite a massive brunch, compared to the previous days at least, so library – here I come. The crispy cold sunny weather is somewhat motivating to get some work done. But feeling that I definitely need a nap before working tonight.

Another update in a few days!

Meanwhile, stay cool and groovyย ๐Ÿ˜‰

Eli x

Early riser experiment/training

Hello, my dear readers,

About a year ago I tried to do polyphasic sleeping pattern. That didn’t exactly work out as I would have liked. Mostly due to my own inconsistent pursuing to get up when the alarm rang, and the alarm itself as I think it stopped ringing after certain time, and my varied schedules at work and uni. I was realllllllly close to trying it again this year for my uni is never longer than 3 hrs, but then I got a shift at work for a whole day (8hrs or so) and that ruined these plans.

So now, a ย year later, I still want to do something with my sleep. And I decided that I want to become the early riser (check out Steve Pavlina’s blog post about it:ย http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/05/how-to-become-an-early-riser/). As everything always starts on a Monday, so did I (well, for rather the reason of making up my mind just on Sunday than for any other reason). As I’ve so far nearly always got up at 8am because my uni starts always at 10am, I was sort of in a habit of that, except for Wednesday which before was supposed to be my lazy day but I tended to get extra hours at work every now and then – and now is the day I start work at 7am. So I was wondering what time should I start waking up every day. For Monday I set my alarm for 6am but I knew I want to bring it even more forward than that (even though I set another timer for extra 30 minutes on Mon because the room was too cold to get up). I think the ideal time for me to wake up is 5.30, I reckon 5 would be too early because I usually only get home after work aound 8.30pm and thus I at least want to give myself the chance of getting up to 8 hours of sleep should I need it (even though lately it’s been more, so much more…). ย But I find it incredible to get up early ย to see the sunrise, even though at present it’s so dark that early and the dark lasts for so long and it can be somewhat depressing. But I shall try and keep myself from hibernating for the winter!

Simultaneously I want to try and train myself to fall asleep quickly – decided just now when I stumbled upon another one of Pavlina’s posts –ย http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2013/07/how-to-fall-asleep-in-less-than-30-seconds/ย . I don’t think this will be a problem either so I’m quite looking forward to training myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

As there really isn’t much more to this training than ‘does it work or no?’ so I don’t see a reason for keeping a daily blog or doing it for a long time. I shall post overviews of how I adapted to it – how long it takes and what one might experience on the way – and let you know of anything else worth mentioning on related topics.

I shall keep the posts to one in every few days, just to give myself some time to get more content i.e. experience for a decent post.

Overall I am feeling very optimistic about it because without my regular night job waking up early is a piece of cake. And I like the fact that I can do so much (reading :D) before uni duties call. ๐Ÿ™‚


One weird thing I noticed this morning when I got up around 6.30 – I had breakfast around 7 – I ate a lot during the 2 hours I was listening to my book and oddly enough – I’ve just had a couple of bananas and some dates and bits here and there but ain’t feeling really hungry. Maybe it’s just one of those days…. Or maybe it’s the litres of liquorice tea I’ve been drinking to keep meself warm. Maybe. Don’t know. But can’t complain either!


Morning two. Woke up at 5.30am (even though I went to bed after 11.30pm) as my alarm rang. Could have slept more as I was in the middle of a very bizarre dream which has become a usual lately, but as Pavlina wrote – you have to get up promptly. Let the brain know that that’s the time and I can allow no more. Even a candle I lit before going to sleep was still burning. It burnt out now.
I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna go for a wee nap before the day is out. Regardless I’m still in bed as the heating isn’t on yet and my hands are already cold from being out underneath the blanket. Maybe in 30 minutes I’ll actually manage to go to the kitchen to make some tea. ๐Ÿ™‚
The heating is on! Room is getting slightly warmer though I still feel like I should get up just yet. But soon I ought to, to get dressed and head out. Funnily enough however early I wake up, I feel like there’s still not enough time before duties call. Fair enough, I had quite a big breakfast again, watched a film, listened to plenty of Nik Kershaw, got some bill stuff sorted and listened to a book, but still, it’s already 9am! Wondering if I should wake up even earlier…
Due to my sleeping too much in the past month or so ย (8-9hrs every night on average) I think I am holding on pretty well today. Weirdly didn’t eat anything the whole day so was on breakfast until dinner at 6pm, so about 12 hours. And now only got home around 8pm and tried to have a wee nap. Of course didn’t turn out quite like that so I just had 17 minutes of thinking time. I’ll get there one day though, when I’m more tired. Can’t keep myself from yawning, possibly from all the food I had for dinner (vegan cooking class with the Veggie Society – pretty awesome, though full of unnecessary fats, sugars and simple carbohydrates. I shall make up for it. I hope. :D).


And I reckon that’s a good post to start this experiment!

If you’re reading this, I hope you don’t think this is a waste of time. And maybe I can inspire you to be a prompt riser in the mornings instead of snoozing your alarm for an hour (: Never done it so I don’t quite know what’s the beauty in it… But early waking is awesome. Just as awesome as Nik Kershaw. ๐Ÿ˜€

Eli x

Polyphasic sleep postponed

It has been quite a while since I last posted here anything. It is not because I have forgotten it, quite the opposite, but because I was waiting for a wee success to make this otherwise fail post a bit jollier. 

The thing is, my sleep cycle was quite horrendous. I quite often did not have the time after all to have a daytime nap and in the nighttime, even if I did manage to have a nap at, say 11pm and then again at 3am, I nearly never managed to wake up from the latter one, that is in time, of course. I usually woke up after 4-5 hours. And then most of the time when I did have time for my nap, it took me most of the time to fall asleep and then the alarm rang. So, I shall try and do this again as soon as my uni coursework finishes for this year – in 2.5 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

On the bright side, my Zeo arrived! But it has not helped very much with my naps. At least not the waking up part. For analysing- yes, it is good. I see that My naps have been mostly in light sleep or deep sleep – not good. But once I had a nap where I went nearly straight into REM sleep as soon as I fell asleep, amazing! But then I woke up and was too tired, put on another alarm in 30 (-15) minutes and that’s when I went straight into deep sleep. I shall look into how to cut down the amount of deep sleep..

Because I still want to seize the day a bit more than 16 hours per day (and as I want to start going to the gym early in the morning), I am now trying to adjust myself to the ‘early waker’ sleeping pattern. That is, I go to bed when I feel really tired, that is when I physically cannot keep myself awake any longer doing whatever I’m doing, and wake up at a specific time. I have tried to do that for a few days with waking up time being 5.30 or 6 but after the Zeo has sort of woken my up around that time, I smoothly slide off the headband and go back to sleep, waking up 1.5-2 hours later. Because I did not make myself adjust to the polyphasic sleeping pattern enough, my body feels/felt very sleep deprived and tried to make me sleep longer (is evil! :D) whenever I gave it a chance. Luckily I have never slept so long that I’d actually miss anything, eg uni classes or work. 

But, today was my first succesful day in quite a while. I felt exhausted already around 11pm yesterday and set my alarm to 6am. I remember waking up at some point in the night and taking the headband off because it felt so uncomfortable. Luckily enough, the alarm stayed on and instead of looking for a light-sleep gap in my sleep, it just woke me up at 6. I was wondering about how tired I was, but came to a conclusion that I am awake enough to not go to bed again. And I didn’t! Yay! So I’ve been up for 3 hours now, which surprisingly seems a lot less. When thinking of it, I haven’t done much. Had a nearly-raw breakfast (cereal – didn’t have nuts soaked to make raw mylk), listened to a book, surfed around the internet and thought a lot about doing my Spanish homework.
In the hope that the success continues, I hope to set my next alarm to 5.30 as that would be my ideal time to wake up.

I reckon that is all I have to say for now. For the concluding note I’d like to share this amazing video:
Have a nice day!