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Hello everyone,

My sincere apologies for leaving this blog alone for quite a while, I just do not have many recipes to add as I rarely cook at home. But this recipe needs sharing.

Bread pudding is a very common dish I reckon everywhere, where bread is commonly used. Just like in the UK there is the bread and butter pudding. Well, the Estonian way – or at least the way we did it in my family – is quite different from it, and that is why I feel the need to write it down once and for all.

When for normal bread pudding you can use any bread, then this recipe requires mainly rye bread or proper black bread, not the typical white or wholemeal you can get from any store, but proper dark, rye bread. You can find them in all sorts of European/Russian/Baltic shops – and they taste amazing. Black bread is much more difficult to come across anywhere further from the countries where it is native.


1/2 loaf Rye/black bread
2-3 slices of white/wholemeal bread
100 g raisins
Brown sugar/molasses (to taste)

Milk of your own choice to serve
Whipped cream (optional) to serve

Stale bread works best, but if you let it dry out a bit, or toast it lightly, it works just as well. Roughly break the bread apart into pieces and put it in a pot large enough to accommodate it. Fill it with water enough to cover all the bread (which will rise with the water so check by pushing it down whether it is all wet). Leave it to soak for about 30 minutes or more, depending on how hard the bread was to begin with. When it is nice and soft, start working on it with hands Рget in there and break any pieces you find with your hands, making it into a mash. When it looks smooth enough for your liking, drop in the raisins, add a little bit more water and heat it up, until boiling. There comes the next chance to go through it making sure there are no lumps left inside. The consistency will get smoother and you will likely need to add more water to stop it from burning at the bottom. Add the spices and sugar, keeping on stirring at the same time, according to taste, so give it a go and see how you like it. You can make it thicker or thinner as you like, normally it is quite thick, like thick porridge (and it sets once it is cold just alike also), but some make it quite runny as well, like a thick pur̩ed soup. Once you are happy, the raisins should be nicely rehydrated, and the whole soup smooth enough. The cooking is now finished.
You can serve it hot as it is, or store it and serve it cold – is great either way. The traditional way of eating it is in a bowl with milk. I have tried it with almond, vanilla rice, soya, and possibly hemp milk. All of them are grand 🙂 Whipped cream will just put that extra cherry on top.

Here’s some photos:


This portion is served with coconut cream

Or eat it just plain! I never liked milk as a kid so had it just like that all the time :)

Or eat it just plain! I never liked milk as a kid so had it just like that all the time 🙂

leivasupp 002

So if you like bread as much as I do – this is a very comforting food to have indeed, and it really is easy to make, I cannot see how one could go wrong with it. Vary the sizes according to your need – I froze once 3 portions from a batch when I had precious little black bread to make it with – to then savour it over a longer period of time.

Anyway, it has been a blast to share this with you, tomorrow I will share an amazing juicing discovery from this morning. Stay tuned!

Eli x

Raw truffles

Today I made these lovely truffles as a belated birthday present for my dear housemate. I have had this idea for a while now but never had the reason to make them so I conveniently chose the time when I couldn’t consume them all meself 😛

So here are the amazingly simple recipes (I made three different kinds of ’em):

Brazil nuts


for these I also did a kiwi jam as a filling! So I just blended one kiwi and added a bit of agave syrup because my blender started smoking before I could blend a couple of dates in there. 😀
And then with an icing ‘syringe’ I got it inside the sweeties. 

And then I rolled them in desiccated coconut. It didn’t stick on too well, but looks nice and can be sprinkled on top as well 😛 I believe they tasted divine! 🙂


I bet most of yous know Nakd bars, Nakd ‘Nibble’ and ‘Nudie’ bars. The delicious simple 30/35/68 gram bars which are delicious to have as a snack (as their energy content is on average 150-250 kcal) on any occasion. I also guesstimate that once you’ve had them, you could just spend and spend buying allll the different flavours to satisfy your current hunger.


Well, the brilliant news is – IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO MAKE ‘EM YOURSELF! The not-so-good news is – you would need a mince-meat machine to do it the best and the quickest.

And therefore this post is not exactly giving you the precice recipes as you can either make them up on your own or just look at the Nakd bar wraps you might still find from your pockets or bin.

The base is always (as much as I know) dates -around 50%. They don’t have to be organic or medjool or anything, the cheapest ones will do as you can’t really tell the difference once they’re all mashed together, or so I think. I’ll let yous know if it’s any different with organic ones when I get more of them. Then an ingredients that most bars have are cashews and raisins (plus a hint of natural flavours :P). And that’s it! That’s the basis of the Nakd bars! Some of them have oats as well but as I’m not so sure the ones available at shops are raw, I don’t really use them, plus they give it a harder texture and flavour.

Thus you can experiment yourself – dates, raisins, cashews, banana, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cocoa, berries, pecans and maybe add some spices like cinnamon, cloves, ginger or whatever you would feel like! 

I just tried one with dates, cashews, raiisns and walnuts before – my first go! And I have to tell yous – I possibly would not waste my money on buying the pre-made pre-packed ones – it only takes about 5 minutes to do a handful of it! Just press all the ingredients through a mince-meat device (I got this really old-school one, manual, just press ingredients in from the top when turning the handle around and everything falls out from the other side in small tube-shapes or powder if it’s just nuts) and handle it like a dough to mix everything together and you’ve got it!!!!!
Now if you do not have such a machine, I reckon a food processor could do the job as well but will take some scraping from the sides in the process. And without that you could try it with blending the ingredients, dry ones could be grinded to powder, and then trying to work it with hands.

So. There are possibilities! Once I’ve made some that stays long enough for a picture – will edit this post (but do know that you possibly need only a handful of ingredients all-in-all as it’s quite rich and unless you’re really craving for sweet, you couldn’t eat more than that, of course it’s easier to make more at once and save some for afterwards, I guess :)).

That’s me for tonight! Sorry for nothing revelatory but I’m not sure how many have thought of making such bars themselves. I do not mean to undermine the Nakd bars in any way, just encourage people to try experimenting themselves as well as Nakd is AMAZING! 😛



Different snack-bars, all contain dates, cashews and raisins but rest of the ingredients vary. All taste absolutely divine!

Different snack-bars, all contain dates, cashews and raisins but rest of the ingredients vary. All taste absolutely divine!