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It has been a long while since I shared another one of my recipes, so here it comes. I have rediscovered sweet potato for meself and have been making raw chips of them quite often as seen on different photos below. The original recipe I looked up was here, but this seemed awfully fatty for me, thus I changed it a wee bit.

First of all, have a couple of sweet potatoes, peel them and cut them into up to 1x1cm sizes, about. The size will reduce with dehydrating, but thicker ones take ages to dehydrates whereas these get ready in a couple of hours.

Secondly, mix the marinade – 1 part olive oil, some lemon juice if so desired, 3 parts nama shoyu/soy sauce/Braggs amino acid. As I only have the latter for I believe this to be raw, I used that one, but any will do as it’s all with the same flavour. Leave the chopped potato marinate in it for a couple of hours. This lessens the amount of starch in it which benefits for the flavour afterwards. After the time place them on your dehydrator tray. Dehydrate at 115F for about 5 hours, depending on how dry you want them and how thick fries you have. Check on them from time to time 😛 They’re realllllly delicious. Especially with a nice dip 🙂


Mayo recipe:

50g pine kernels – soaked (you can see when they’re clearly soaked as the colour changes significantly to a lighter tone) for about an hour. 
1/2 lemon’s juice
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 clove of garlic (or more if you so desire)
some water
2 tbsp paprika seasoning (I used hot and not-so-hot ones mixed to get nice and spicy flavour)

Blend all together by adding about 50 ml of water to start, more if need be or so desired. 


Cheesy sauce recipe (as seen on the second photo) is really the same as I’ve written out sauces for pasta. But here goes again:

a handful of cashews soaked
1/2 lemon’s juice
1 clove of garlic
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp tumeric (for colour)

As always, blend them all with some water, depending on how liquidy you want it.


Avocado dip (as seen on the latter two photos):

1 ripe avocado
1 lemon’s juice
herbs (basil, parsley, coriander, wild garlic, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, whatever you desire)

Mash the avocado with a fork adding the lemon juice and chopped herbs if fresh, or just plenty when dried. Mix it all and voila.


On the latter photo there’s this really delicious salad:

handful of organic spinach
1/2 organic red pepper
2 organic tomatoes
150g organic sweetcorn
2 leaves of chinese lettuce
10 cm piece of organic zucchini
1 avocado
2 pears
(lemon juice, agave syrup for dressing if wished so)

Chop everything to nice bite-size pieces, mix and enjoy! The pear and avocado sort of mix together giving a sort of dressing like feeling anyway, so you don’t have to add the last two ingredients. I served it on a chinese lettuce leaf as it was really handy like that, plus adds more lettuce to it, and I really like that lettuce. Tasted AMAZING!


So there you go, I reckon that’s plenty of recipes for the time being. I’ll add a sweet recipe shortly 🙂

Have a lovely day!

Eli x




I realised it’s been a very long while since I last posted anything here. So, here is a basic recipe for making the amazing kale chips.

You will need:


And anything you want to coat them with 🙂

One of my favourites coatings are the cheesy ones! For that I’ve used either a blend of presoaked cashews with a pinch of salt, garlic powder, lemon juice and nutritional yeast. Can add any other spices you like.

The first batch I ever made, I mixed a bit of olive oil with agave syrup and quite a lot of chilli powder and paprika. That came out sweet but very hot when you happened to have the chilly bit. But they were nice, really nice.

One of the latest ones I’ve made I used up my sauce from ‘pasta’ which was zucchini blended with some garlic powder, turmeric, salt, birdseye chilli, nutritional yeast and possibly some herbs like parsley and cilantro.

The options are endless! Just follow your taste buds 😛

Once the dressing in ready, wash the kale (and chop if you have whole leaves) and toss in a big bowl with the sauce until everything more or less covered. Dehydrate at 104F for a few hours. They’re very crispy straight from the tray, for taking away and eating later, it might take half a day to dehydrate fully. Worth the wait though! It’s not often I have some left over 😛 

And that’s how it’s done! Enjoy!



Raw pasta / spaghetti 


This is one of the easiest, quickest meals I have discovered so far that tastes amzing, plus you have so much free choice regarding the spices that you could have it (nearly) every day and not get tired of it 🙂


The spaghetti itself can be made of most vegetables by cutting them either with peeler into long strips or if you happen to have a spiralizer then you can actually have the fancy round-shaped spaghetti. I have mostly made it out of zucchini and carrots, but I bet it tastes amazing with swede and butternut squash and other veggies as well. 

And the rest of the magic is spicing it according to your desires. I usually put some olive oil, bit of salt, black pepper, oregano, basil, cumin. And to add some more freshness to it – finely chopped cilantro and spinach, for crunch I’ve added either sunflower seeds (and/)or pumpkin seeds, could add some crushed nuts as well if you’d like so. 

Or you can go crazy and make some actual sauce. Here’s some ideas:

Cheezy sauce:

1 cup soaked cashews
some water (to blend the cashews into creamy consistency)
2 tbsp lemon juice
curry powder
chilli powder
black pepper
1 tbsp nutritional yeast
1/2 tsp cumin powder
and/or anything else you’d desire 🙂 Just blend the cashews with enough water and add things and taste and add more if it feels like it. 


Tomato sauce:

2 tomatoes
4-5 sundried tomatoes
1 tbsp vinegar
(fresh) basil
Blend everything 🙂





Chips are also one of the easiest things I have ever made, but they taste sooo nice when the vegetable is ripe and nice and juicy.

I was really like to have got my organic piece of turnip from the VegBag this week and so I had the ingredient(s) for making chips. Ie, it’s swede. Or any other kind of turnip would do, I assume.

Just chop enough of the chosen kind of turnip into chip-shapes and spice with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Add any spices you’d desire, I was quite happy with that simple version as I was eating them with guacamole anyway 🙂



I hope these wee guidlines are of help to you! Enjoy! x