Hello, everyone!

This is a flashback post about a fast I did more than a month ago. This is something I have been seriously planning to do for a period of time last spring already, but due to high stress levels gave up on day two. The fast is something my previous flatmate called the banana island, when he did it himself. It is as simple as being on a monofood diet for as long a period as desired, eating only bananas. With bananas. Topped with more bananas.
How I set my ‘rules’, is bananas in any shape or form, as long as it’s only bananas, are allowed. And water and herbal teas.

No restricting of calories, but having as many bananas as I want/can eat. Due to my full-time job finding the free time was not easy, but I did manage with minimal tasting of other foods at work and mostly feeding on my bananas. And an old friend was keen on joining in, so despite hundreds of miles of distance between us, we did it together and updated each other as we went along, which was also very nice and motivating 🙂

I have to say having tried it the second day around was definitely much much easier than the first time. Maybe because I was more mentally prepared? But perhaps also because I did not try to force myself into eating too much but just go with the hunger and bear in mind I have unlimited amounts of bananas available. Having had fairly busy couple of days I did not have the moment to start thinking about food and craving stuff out of boredom either. All in all, it was quite nice, but perhaps some more ripe bananas would have been even nicer 😛

Day 1:

Hanging around Chinatown with my Wing Chun group for a demonstration – only a few bananas for breakfast and bought a bunch whilst in town. The day was quite long – grabbed a cup of fresh infusion and watched two movies in the cinema (considering I had thus far been to the cinema twice in London, it was a notable day already for that! Also because the second was the Labyrinth, therefore many emotions were indeed involved), therefore out of the house, not many chances to boredom-indulge, and indeed it felt a relief in a way, the ease with which you can pass the day without having to worry about your meals. I think I had about 11 bananas that day and the mere number was what saved me from being so sick of them!

Day 2:

Some more bananas. And I managed to do a whole class of our kickboxing/wing chun training on just bananas! Happy days. After that I surprisingly still managed to keep meself busy enough to just eat bananas. Went even dancing in the evening and still feeling sustainable! Cannot remember how many I ate, possibly not very different from the previous day. But my banana chips got ready so I was chewing away on dehydrated bananas a lot of the time as well, which also meant increased intake of water to balance that out.

Day 3:

Back to work! Which means a chance to use the blender! Blended some bananas into ice cream which was a bit of a change again, and made one smoothie as well, I think. That day I had to still taste one or two items when at work, but surprisingly not much at all, and 98% of my calories still came from bananas, so all in all quite successful. But getting bored of bananas. Had to run out after work and do a trip to Richmond, meaning I only got home later in the evening, meant even less time to be bored with my diet. And thus I waited until the end of the day and went to sleep, to successfully have done at least three days of eating merely bananas.DSC_1693



All in all, I would definitely call it a success. My initial hopes had been to do 3-4-5 days, but man, if you try it you do realise how much you crave different textures, and mangoes, and apples. Or maybe it is just me who absolutely loves apples. Anyway! Three days on bananas and my stomach was still reasonably happy. More fasts to come! The more you try these kind of ‘crazy’ things, the more your body gets used to it and voila, next you know you are doing a week long juice fast 😉

Until next crazy adventure,

Eli x