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Water! And breatharianism

Hello dear folks,

I have done something I personally perceived as impossible. I have done nigh two-day water fast which includes one day at work! Now I have done water fasts before, but not yet so successfully. I started my water fast as I did feel the need to reduce the amount I eat (still not got the symptoms of a chef that you do not want to eat at work so much..) and good to give the stomach and gut a bit of a rest and cleanse. T’was a wonderful experience. Now why I thought it to be impossible is because the life of a chef in a vegan kitchen is SO tempting, there is food I could eat everywhere. Now why I said neigh two-day fast, is because I still had to try what I was preparing, but I would say my overall calorie intake yesterday did not exceed 100kcal. I would still call that quite good!

The best thing about it is – I realised how strong willpower really is! Literally, whatever you set your mind to, you will be able to do. I do not think I have any disorders, illnesses, diseases caused by my diet, so far so good, thus I find it quite demotivating to give up certain foods when my body can take on everything I give it. If I felt bad after eating certain foods, that would surely be an insurance I would stop eating that food, for who wants to feel uncomfortable in the stomach? Also, to be able to resist so much food available to the eye proved that my emotional connection with food is not quite as strong as I have perceived it to be. Perhaps I can give it up one day 🙂

The second thing – why I am going to give up the fast this morning is only because I really feel like eating. My hunger has come and gone, yesterday late in the evening I did start feeling quite hungry again, but waking up this morning I feel I could do at least another half a day. But the papaya on the table looks too tempting. Other than that, I have managed to skate to work and back, work a full day, walk for more than an hour a day, and even go to my wing chun class on the first day’s evening – all on just water! This is truly incredible when you realise how much energy your body actually has in store in your body. Contrary to the first time I tried to fast on water, I have had no significant side-effects. I do not feel cold, lacking energy, or dizzy. Granted, there has been a little light-headedness when I have risen too quickly, but can happen no matter what. Overall, I am seriously impressed with the capabilities of my body.

This bring me to the second point. A few people who have gone down the route of a long discussion know that I believe breatharianism is possible. (Breatharianism is a diet/lifestyle when a person is not eating or drinking anything. In some cases there may be very low calorie intake, or water.) There is much taboo around this topic I think, as majority of the people do believe it is utter nonsense. I would call it an evolution really. And do mind, all of this is 100% my personal opinion (even though it is other people that have brought me to this conclusion, like Jericho Sunfire). I have had this mind-set for a decent few years now. I have hoped to one day become a breatharian myself. My plan-of-action was ‘evolving’ from vegan to a raw vegan, then go only on liquids, fruitarian, on water, and perhaps by the end, if I am still alive, give up water as well. In theory it is all good and well, but despite being able to do few-day-fasts, I am not nearly as disconnected from food to be able to exclude so much from my diet. But that is exactly why I call it an evolution, because as time goes by, I would like to think that perhaps with the increased knowledge, food would not seem so attractive regarding where it came from, what is in it, the hardship it goes through in the body, or most of all how much of the food we consume daily is only due to the social circumstances. It is time for lunch, let’s go and have food. Feeling bored? Have a snack. This is not a healthy attitude, but I find emotions and environment are the main factors that motivate the consumption of food. Also the portion sizes determine how much we eat, I think, at least the way I was raised I hate to see food go to waste, thus I eat more often than not a lot more than I would need or feel like, just because I will not bin any leftovers on my place. Disconnecting emotions from food would allow us to literally eat only when the body is calling for it.

My vegan sister had an incident earlier in the year when she could not eat anything for the most part of the month, and pretty much only liquids to follow the next month. Her attitude towards food was changed and not returned since. The experience proved that surviving on water for long periods of time is possible, even if it comes unprepared in that sense, and the emotional connection with food can change. And this is the moment I am waiting for, for the mindset to change so that I could stop eating as much as I do, and opt for the food that does the best in my body – fruits and vegetables as a majority. And that would bring me one step closer to the top of the evolution. Because thinking of the advantages – saving a load of money, time, and environment, why not? Only time will tell if this will ever happen and be the case or not though 🙂

Hope this is something to think about.

Take care,

Eli x

Dear all,

It happens quite often that a vegan is asked why vegan?

I think amongst my friends the most common reason is for animal rights. Environmental reasons are quite popular as well, but it’s not too often that I meet a fellow soul whose main reason has been health. And when I say that then it has not been just once or twice that a flow of questions and/or justifications follow. So I thought that this kind of post here – a discussion about why health – would maybe be of interest to someone. At least last night when I was contemplating about it, it seemed like a good idea.

So yes, my main reason for going vegan was health. I am not saying that it’s solely for that, no, it was just the last issue I had with veganism that I was not aware before. I have always loved animals but as a kid I was of course hypocrisy itself when cursing animal torturers seen on the web or from the news while eating a sausage or chicken or god knows what. I was not bothered with the environment that much as a kid. Neither did I know to relate vegetarianism with my spirituality to actually stop eating animals. Well, I’m just gonna tell you my whole story why I went vegan (skip the italic if you’re nae interested) so you could understand my context.

My first contact with veganism was when I was 15 (?) and got super-obsessed with Def Leppard as the guitarist Phil Collen is a vegan, and had raised his son to be on as well. Being a born nutritionist (with mother’s milk, of course) I was like ‘come on, why you do this? you’re killing yourself AND your kid, think of him at least! that’s not healthy…’. That was what I gathered first after having googled what ‘vegan’ actually meant. But even though I still deeply love Def Leppard, I let the vegan matter be. For another year, if I remember correctly.

What happened then was that I personally met a vegan. It was thanks to my sister who introduced me to Graham Nicholls for completely other reasons than what was the major outcome of it. I was completely at a loss the beginning as in he’s what? I had totally forgotten about what vegan even meant. It was a day afterwards, I think, that I finally understood why he had rejected that chocolate I offered. I soon after attended his OBE workshop where he also said that he finds a vegetarian, furthermore vegan, furthermore raw vegan diet to be beneficial for obtaining an OBE. Then I started considering going vegetarian. I was thinking deeply about it but thought that I could not give up cheese? Or was it yoghurt? So I tried being vegetarian for a few weeks. I remember all the jokes about it from my family and friends. Fun times.

But I still had not convinced myself enough to do it permanently. My mum was protective, as they are, and convinced me to eat some meat during a birthday dinner we attended around Christmas time. I think that was the last time I ate meat.
A wee further history – I had always eaten some sorts of meats – usually rather sausages and things that have nearly no meat in them at all, but still some. Never liked ham. Never liked fish. Really liked ribs. And chicken wings and legs, only later started liking the white meat of a chicken. Regarding dairy I was always a picky one. Never liked the taste of milk as long as I can remember (from 3 years onwards I dare claim). Cheese I only started liking at age of 7 or something, and only in a melted form after trying it a couple of times. Afterwards enjoyed smoked cheese as well. Sour cream – EW! Mayo – EW! Yoghurt – only thick flavoured one, or the chemical artificial ones. Also liked the Estonian treat ‘kohuke’ a lot. And learnt to like quark, I think, it is in English. Whipped cream – yes! Other creams – nono. So as you see – I didn’t really have a problem of giving up the few things that I actually did like.

And so I had a chance of doing a wee research for an English Olympiad (?) – academical contest of a sort. And thus I took the chance and wrote a 6000 word essay on topic of ‘Being Green by Eating Green’. That gave me excellent chance to look into publications and articles about how veg(etari)an lifestyle is more environmentally sustainable, healthier and had a look in the animal rights section. And as  it was a research there had to be a test of a sort conducted so I made a questionnaire online and tried to get responses from Estonia and the UK to compare the ‘greenness’ of either nations. That paper was the last bit in the chalice – when I had finished writing it I had proven to myself that being vegan is healthy. (Another flashback – I’v been  quite a health freak my whole life – never smoked, never drank any alcohol (except a sip of sparkling when I was about 8 for NYE which was so disgusting I decided never to drink any alcohol whatsoever), never been prone for using any substances that change a body’s natural way of functioning, smoking anything, and always enjoyed sports as long as my body doesn’t give in). 

Therefore as you may see I do care for animals and environment and the spiritual aspect was of an appeal as well, the health was the main reason for going vegan. I wish not to harm my body with what I put in it (tattoos are different, for me 😀 ) and thus I had made up my mind to become vegan. Of course my family was not completely on board with that but I had made up my mind and after a few months they accepted it, I think.
But the whole journey was my way of coming to a realising as well that my plans to become a vet are great but I did not feel quite so right with it, not as right as I felt when dealing with food. And thus I decided to become a nutritionist and hopefully save lives of many animals by spreading the word of veganism.
I honestly cannot remember much about what I ate when I had just become vegan but I remember that I did not have major problems. By that time I knew how to cook pretty decently and enjoyed it. Most problematic was lunch at school. I remember picking out cooked cabbage from the cabbage-mince stew. I did that once. My main food there was a salad – if there was anything without garlic or sour cream. Yes – I didn’t like garlic then, neither onion or many other vegetables I now adore so much. But as a conclusion – I don’t remember struggling. And I don’t remember craving anything. The only thing that bothered me was the convenience that people eating everything have and how I must go about reading labels. But I was a pretty happy bird. Soon enough I came to the UK for a visit and bought I think 10 different kinds of vegan cheeses to try them. I liked the melting ones and smoked one 😀

So that is my story of how I became a vegan. And why. 

So why vegan for health? My philosophy of life is to enjoy it – yes, vegans can enjoy life – but do so with doing as little harm to other living beings as I can. That also includes our dearest Mother Earth. And how do I relate health and enjoying life? For me that means that I can do what I please, live on the edge or be in isolation but being able to actually do what I want – without being ill, without feeling sick or having any other sort of disability that could be prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Just like an 80-10-10 raw vegan diet can reverse diabetes and cancers, unclog arteries and prevent all sorts of heart diseases I would rather take the healthy rout down and not eat food that causes harm for me and others. I hope it makes sense.
I would rather make healthy food delicious (and boy have I learnt to love all sorts of healthy foods starting from onions and garlic ending up with spinach and kale and all the different veggies and foods I had no clue of before going vegan and-or coming to the UK) than eat delicious food that makes me ill.

People often confront me then with justification that ‘But I don’t want to live to be 100 years old’. Well, surprise, so don’t I. I wouldn’t mind dying tomorrow, in a year, in 10 years or 50 years. But I don’t want to be bed-bound half of the time.

I know people who smoke because they enjoy the motion of it and don’t care about health. And I can’t stop them. I think it’s selfish to destroy the environment and make others passive smokers because of their habits but I can’t stop them. And it might be that some of them end up with lung cancers and then they give up the cigarette, but they might not for they don’t want to and would rather die than lose the one pleasure in life. I see this very similarly to eating meat. I think both are killing one slowly but steadily. When in cigarettes there are all different kinds of chemicals that kill your cells then in meat you get hormones, antibiotics fed to the animals, the stress the animal was feeling when it was killed and probable diseases the animals had before being killed from living so crammed together in very unhygienic conditions. Take for example chicken that now grow twice if not thrice with the speed they naturally did a few decades ago – all just to increase the profit. But their bones can’t keep up with the growth and so not many of them can actually walk about in the farm. And how they peck each other because their beaks were cut when just chicks to prevent from further harm they could do with the cut beaks – still creating wounds that are most likely not treated due to lack of interest and (human) resources.
And not to mention that one would be eating corpses which is not too appealing – for me at least – in any form.

Except human. I wouldn’t mind eating humans if I had do. If I should choose between killing a deer or a human, I would choose the latter. Just because humans have done and are doing more harm to the planet and other humans than a deer has or ever will do. So now you know 🙂 (But don’t worry, I would only choose organic meat.)


Alrighty, this post is long enough now. I shall contemplate about raw veganism and organic foods some other time.

Hope yous have a lovely day!

Eli x