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Hello my dear readers and followers,

It has been a disgraceful few months since I last posted anything. In case you have not noticed – I am now also on facebook ( as well as twitter ( with more frequent updates than here (as this is more recipe- and experiment-based).

So, I thought my big move to London deserves a new post! Also because I think my new job place deserves to be known a lot more than it is – to reach more and more vegans and people interested in such food. I actually moved already two weeks ago, but the first week has been really busy. Now I have internet on my laptop as well (yay!) and so can actually enjoy my new home and write this post 🙂

In a nutshell – I have managed to get my dream job for this decade of my life in a vegan kitchen as a chef (de partie). (I know I technically can’t be a chef, but hey, if the chef calls me chef, that’s chef enough for me). Together with three other vegans, the restaurant RAW at La Suite West hotel ( offers a truly amazing vegan experience. We serve vegan afternoon tea, lunchtime buffet with salads and quiche, and a dinner menu with vegan and raw vegan options available. Changes are happening in the next few days so even if you’ve been there before – expect to see many new things upon your return.

I have to say – besides being utterly astonished and blown away I actually got the job – that the food is mindbogglingly amazing. I’ve had two friends come to the restaurant so far and they have not been disappointed, at all. My best friend in London has been there a few times and she has been thoroughly pleased with it each time. So, what I’m saying is – when in London, make your way to Bayswater and you will be fed, and fed extraordinary food. Not the kind of vegan chips and burger and muffin you can get from nearly every other vegan place, but a true vegan experiment. Don’t get me wrong – we do have some simple and common vegan foods there as well, like scones and a mushroom burger (currently, to be changed the beginning week), but also stuff you’ve possibly not tried out before (I surely hadn’t!) like cauliflower with kimchi mayo, or aubergine with sweet miso sauce. Lots of seaweed (get that iodine!) and funky Japanese foods. DELICIOUS!
We had a photoshoot for the new menus a week ago, but they’re still not made public, so you can check out the previous food photos from the webpage ( All this praise is possible only thanks to the amazing head chef there – Nik Heartland (, who has put his mind, heart, and life (near literally) in to making this place as great as it is. Besides having an awesome taste in music, a sarcastic sense of humour and proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese (yes, it’s important for me to mention it all), he has a very experimental mind with food and keeps the menus in the changing to make sure we’re on the move and never stagnating, keeping it always fresh 🙂

From a personal point of view, I literally could not be happier with where I ended up working at here in London. To be in a vegan kitchen with vegans as the other chefs with the ambition to lead the movement and get us out there, I feel right at home. Well, nearly, still a lot to learn, but that’s natural. Improvement in progress 🙂 You know that feeling in the morning when you wake up and look forward to getting ready to go to work? Well, I sure know this feeling, and I am utterly pleased I have it. I do acknowledge it’s only the end of my second week of living and working here, but I know this is what I want to do, this is where my passion and heart is, and I’m glad I have such great colleagues who share it with me. 🙂

Thus, as a conclusion, I would like to invite you all to come and have a taster of a magnificently different (raw) vegan food at RAW, to be convinced yourself of its uniqueness and amazing quality of food. I guarantee I will not have anyone leave the premises disappointed.

That’d be all from me just now. I will hopefully get on track with things and develop a food cupboard here so I can experiment at home as well and post some amazing recipes soon. ❤

Until then,

Eli x



Hello my dear readers. I am Elisabeth, vegan over 8. years and aiming to be mostly raw vegan, hopefully one day 100% raw; also a graduate from Health and Nutrition in Aberdeen University and because of my obsession with health, mostly nutrition – this blog was born. I shall post here different (raw) vegan recipes of goodnesses I have prepared, keep my readers updated about any news I find/read regarding health and nutrition, or when I’m feeling experimental again and shall escape my comfort zone and rhythm of life – how these go. I do hope you find some interesting readings from here.


Hello there,

This is just a welcome post to say that i am happy you have ended up on this page. With time I hope to have plenty of posts here to perhaps answer your questions or be just an interesting thing to read.


Just to update my current status – raw food is definitely agreeing better with my body than non-raw (vegan anyway), as in my stomach fills up so quickly when I eat something not raw. Whereas, even if I eat a really stodgy raw meal, it feels nice and full for a long time, which is nice. Had a nice pink grapefruit and half a box of red grapes and a couple of hazelnuts for breakfast.

Regarding my going-to-polyphasic-sleep, I am not officially starting. I cut down my sleep last night, having slept about 5 hours, will try to have a nap after university around 3-4 o’clock (which will possibly fail as I am so not used to sleeping during daytime) and again after work around 9 o’clock. and possibly have my timer set for 30minutes and after a nap, if I do manage to have one, try to stay awake for at least 3 hours. I’m not too beat up about it if I can’t do 4 hours straight the first night. But, anyway, I think this is more interesting to write/read afterwards, when I’ve gone through the whole process and can tell yous what I actually did and was feeling at the time.


Until then

keep healthy!

Eli x