Hello everyone,

It has been more than three months now that I have been working in a beautiful neighbourhood of London, in Richmond, in Bhuti. The newly opened spa features so many amazing aspects, like fully organic treatments, massages, yoga classes, pilates, workshops, events, a beautiful members’ lounge, and, my baby, the vegan tea room. We call it the tea room for consciously deciding not to serve coffee there, for health reasons. The whole tea room is very health oriented, as we put the menu together with our nutritionist Cicely Brown, therefore nutritious and delicious food is what we aim to do there day to day.

Now, the service will be upgraded. As the tea room often gets busy closer to the end of the day when we close at 5pm, I have decided make a start with restaurant dinner service. Together with Samantha Trinder, the owner of Bhuti, we decided to call it the Supper Club. It will entail at least a 3-course meal service, with some extra touches to make it special.

For the first Supper Club, I decided to do a fully raw menu, and hopefully include foods one would not normally have, not even in a raw vegan restaurant. The full description of the event can be found here. I have purposefully kept the level of detail of the menu quite short, to keep a little suspense. The full details will be revealed on the night after the reception.

The date is set to Thursday, 19th of May, and there is space for 20 people to sign up for that. If you do not manage this time, there will be the next time. Keep your eye out and I will give a shout when the new one is on the go. Should it be very successful, it may become a fortnightly event. If this is of interest to you, do sign up and I look forward to seeing you at the first Supper Club in Bhuti!

Excitedly yours,

Eli x