Hello again, my dear followers,

I thought I’d share some thoughts and ‘recipes’ about a detoxing I did the past week. I had in usually two juices and one smoothie per day. The reason was for cleansing as I had quite a lot of cooked and maybe not the best health-wise food when I was travelling about in July, so I felt it was in order to return the state of my intestines to normal. On most days I didn’t have anything else to eat but the juices and a smoothie but on a couple I had a fruit or few and I also couldn’t retain myself from having some dried mulberries which I received a few days ago. Or a few fresh berries from my friends’ garden. 🙂 But I tried to be mostly on the liquids. It was not difficult due to the smoothie in a day for it gave quite many calories extra and it’s basically solid food anyway (which is why I didn’t mind having some fruits in their original form).

But, here cometh the recipes.


detox day 1

Breakfast – watermelon juice with mint (used up a whole watermelon and a bunch of mint)
Lunch – banana-spinach-pineapple-coriander smoothie (3 bananas, a biiiig bunch of spinach, a small bunch of coriander, 1/2 pineapple)
Dinner – carrot-orange-lime-ginger juice (500-600g carrots, 3 oranges, a nice nob of ginger, juice from one lime)


detox 2

Breakfast – courgette-apple-celery-pineapple juice (2 courgettes, 2 stalks of celery, 1 apple, 1/2 pineapple, half a lemon juice and a nob of ginger)
Lunch – cucumber–spinach-apple-grape juice (1 cucumber, a big bunch of spinach (100g), 2 apples, 400g green grapes)
Dinner banana-spinach-raspberry smoothie (4 bananas, 100g spinach, 150-200g frozen raspberries)



Breakfast was leftover lunch from the previous day.
Lunch – carrot-celery-orange juice (750g carrots, 2 stalks of celery, 5 oranges)
Dinner – banana-peach-date smoothie (3 bananas, 400g frozen peach pieces, 200g dates)


detox day 4

Breakfast – cantaloupe juice (one whole cantaloupe melon)
Lunch – courgette-celery-apple-ginger juice (3 courgettes, 1 stalk of celery, 5 apples, a nob of ginger)
Dinner (forgot photo) – banana-spinach-coriander-berry smoothie (3 bananas, 100g spinach, a bunch of coriander, 300g frozen berry mix)


detox day 5

Breakfast honeydew melon-pineapple juice (1 honeydew melon, 2/3 pineapple)
Lunch cucumber-coriander-apple juice with a hint of kiwi, pineapple and celery (1.5 cucumbers, a bunch of coriander, 5 apples, 4 kiwis, 1/3 pineapple, two stalks of celery)
Dinner – carrot-orange-grapefruit juice (1.5kg carrots, 2 grapefruits, 3 oranges) (REALLY like the grapefruit with carrots and oranges)


detox day 6

Brunch – watermelon juice (one whole watermelon)
Dinner – banana-mango smoothie (2 bananas, 2 mangoes)


detox day 7 001

Breakfast – banana-berry smoothie (4 bananas, 400g frozen berry mix)
Lunch – pure orange juice (6 oranges)
Dinner – pure grape juice (400g green grapes)

And that’s it! These are the juices and smoothies I made, very simple yet I’m really happy how good they all tasted 🙂 I also used my juicer a lot less than during the previous juicing challenge. Citric fruits I juiced by manual citrus juicer and watery fruits (like melons, grapes, pineapple) I blended and pressed through a cotton cloth or my nut mylk bag, just because I think my juicer might waste still quite a lot of juice in the pulp. Took maybe a wee more time than would have, but I’m quite happy regardless of having done so 🙂

For me, however, this was not cleansing enough. Thus I have been without any food/drink besides water since yesterday late afternoon. Details how this goes will be in my next post 😉

Eli x