It’s the evening of the fifth day of our juicing challenge and I have just finished my dinner. Feeling quite full I must admit, which is nice after quite some time since my ‘lunch’. Today started out very deliciously once again! Still surprisingly 😛 
So that’s the fourth day now that I haven’t eaten anything solid. Feeling amazing 🙂 Have to say I do feel better, more nourished, of course, and pure, clean, from the inside out. Plus, getting a bit lighter as well, amazing! 😛



3 courgettes
4 apples
1 pear
2.5cm ginger nob
1 lemon

That gave me quite a lot of juice that I planned to take with me to work and have there as my brunch but it came out so good I ended up drinking 3 glasses straight and sharing a bit with friends 😛 So yes, a brilliant combination! 


As I drank all my breakfast at once, I had to make what I could at work – juiced 3 oranges by hand – cannae complain as fresh orange juice is just amazing! But it was quite a light lunch so it’s understandable how much I was waiting for my dinner haha.


6 tomatoes
2 sticks celery
1.5 bell pepper (or 1 huge one)
1 lemon
2 oranges

I have to say that my childhood disgust towards tomato juice is justified, I am really not a fan one juiced tomatoes but this turned out surprisingly good. And there was a lot of it as well, 2.5 glasses about. And I finished with it before starting writing this post so that proves something. The pepper dominates a bit with the taste and the oranges make it a bit sweeter so unless you want to drink it with pepper and salt, would be a good addition. It was fine without oranges as well but it did give a good addition nevertheless. I love the froth on top!!!

So that’s me for day 5, still enjoying this purifying ‘fast’! But mind is craving for bananas and dates so bad! A good way to improve self-discipline. And bearing in mind that I just bough medjool dates that quietly sit amongst my other nice fresh fruits for juicing to come, I dare claim I’m doing good 😛
Two more days until a solid meal though! I could of course manage longer without eating but one does not simply turn down the opportunity of having a raw vegan meal in a restaurant with lovely company!

And that’s all folks from me for today! Have a lovely beginning week! X