I got this extremely easy but soooo delicious recipe for quite any kind of fruit/berry cake you’d like to make. And it’s nut and gluten and all of the allergens free! Unless you can’t tolerate bananas, which is sad….

You only require 3 ingredients:
1) Dates (~500g)

2) Bananas (raw and dried) (~200g dried, 2 raw)

3) Berries/fruits you’d desire (~400g)

And that’s it! So instructions:

Crush the banana chips (difficult to find them from shops raw and pure, usually always fried in palm oil or sth, or with honey… best to make them yourself if you happen to have a dehydrator! :)) with half of the dates that it would make a nice crust that would stick together when played with for a while. Cover your cake-tin base with it (and sides, if there’s enough). Blend the berries/fruits with the rest of the dates for a nice creamy texture. With the raw bananas there are two choices – either cut them in slices and place on top of the crust or blend them in the cream. 

And you’ve got it! You can garnish it with whatever you’d like, I topped it with some desiccated coconut just for the looks of it, but the field is open for any moderations you’d fancy.

Good luck experimenting! And bon appetit!


Here are two not-too-good pictures from the blueberry cake I made. Otherwise it looks nice and is a delight to have! All the non-raw and non-vegan people (and not even necessarily vegetarians!) approved of it and admired the flavour 🙂